Welcome to V121

Since its inception in 1894, The Varsity Show has always been a place where the Columbia community can participate in some of our strongest, best-loved traditions: talking about ourselves, ragging on the administration, and disguising genuine appreciation with sarcasm and puns. Many productions have come and gone so far, covering topics ranging from the queen of Venus’s love life (The Mischief Maker, 1903) to the Berlin Wall (Behind the Lion Curtain, 1990), but the show has ever been reliably rebellious and nostalgic, critical and heartfelt. This part-satire of, part-love letter to Columbia charms us every year, giving freshmen a hopefully enlightening look ahead and seniors a precious glance back. We gather to laugh, to smile, to cheer, to roar. It is the single greatest product of our community’s hard work, creativity, and passion here at Columbia.

So for our 121st year, we of The Varsity Show would like to include you more behind the scenes. We want to show you pictures and tell you stories. We want to raise the curtain well before May—and we want to hear back from you, too. Because whether you’re an actor or an athlete, an English major or an engineer, The Varsity Show belongs to you. Our names may be in the playbill, but Columbia’s funniest, sincerest, most unique tradition is everyone’s to share. We hope you’ll join in the fun. Welcome to V121. 

Posted on February 14, 2015 .