Varsity Show Archives: I.A.L. Diamond

Just shy of 75 years ago, I.A.L. Diamond became the first and only Columbian to ever pen the The Varsity Show for four consecutive productions. Diamond would go on to make a name for himself in Hollywood, writing famous screenplays like the Academy Award-winning The Apartment and the Marilyn Monroe-starring Some Like It Hot, but before then he got his start right here in Morningside Heights.

His fourth and final Varsity Show in 1941, “Hit the Road,” featured football championship fixing, scheming West Coast starlets, and power-hungry politicians—all brought to life by Diamond’s characteristically witty jabs and thoroughly charming characters. In the depths of Butler’s archives we unearthed the script of his landmark work, and though it’s nearly three-quarters of a century old, his words still hold a distinctly Varsity Show, completely Columbia feel. We’ll have more in the way of old relics soon, but in the meantime, please share in our enjoyment of some of Diamond’s quotes and quips, and in our celebration of an iconic moment in Varsity Show history. 

Posted on March 26, 2015 .