V111: The Sound of Muses (2005)


Homer has returned from a 2500-year absence to tell the epic story of Columbia University’s first 250 years.  But when he finds a campus lacking any canon fodder, Homer brings Zeus from the heights of Olympus to the heights of Morningside to stir things up.  As the King of the Gods wins the approval and affection of Dean Yatrakis, though, he becomes another Columbia administrator hungry for power and women.

It is up to the legendary blind poetry to do the impossible: turn a lowly SEAS kid into a hero and a lover; help a film student enjoy life; and find a father for an illegitimate girl and a boyfriend for her unwed mother.  With special guest appearances by Coach Joe Jones and a slice of Koronets pizza, The Sound of Muses is a Varsity Show that – unfortunately for its narrator – you have to see to believe.

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Creative Team

Directed by Patrick Young

Produced by Sarabeth Berman and Geoffrey Karapetyan

Written by Philippa Ainsley, Addison Anderson, and C. Mason Wells

Music & Lyrics by Ben Smith

Choreography by Sarabeth Berman




Jordan Barbour

Kate Berthold

Blair Bodine

Nic Cory

Greta Gerwig

Ted Malawer

Caitlin Shure

Paul Wright 



Chuck Burton

Kieron Cindric

Erin Debold

Anna Lindow

Lydia Ross

Ashley Walker