V112: Misery Loves Columbia (2006)


Columbia’s brightest welcome you to the 112th Varsity Show: “Hi, we’re miserable! How the hell are you?” Why all the dysfunction?  Everyone’s on a mission, and everyone else is in the way.  There’s the rockstar professor, the Jersey girl with a “new” look, the feminist fencer, the GS aristocrat, the B-list celebrity, the alcoholic engineer, the melancholic mascot, and the gossip queen with a pwobwem.  Got it? No? Let the Barnard broad explain…

Watch V112:


Creative Team

Directed by Deanna Weiner

Produced by Olivia Gorvy and Grace Parra

Written by Addison Anderson and Chris Beam

Music & Lyrics by Cody Owen Stine

Choreography by Erin Debold

Art Direction by Liz Vastola




Becky Abrams

Zachary Bendiner

Kieron Cindric

Carly Hoogendyk

Sara Fay Goldman

Mark Junek

Peter Mende-Siedlecki

Nessa Norich

Cally Robertson



Thomas Anawalt

Caley Bulinski

Alyssa DeSocio

Noam Harary

Missy Hernandez

Tom Keenan

Michael Leibring

Bess Miller

Kendra Moore

Marissa Palley

Kate Smith

Will Snider