V113: Insufficient Funds (2007)


A meager budget for your crappy student group isn't anything out of the ordinary.  So when the Activities Board at Columbia cuts the money allocated to Postcrypt, CTV's The Gates, and the French Cultural Society, it's no reason to suspect some vast conspiracy.  But when ABC captures David Helfand and tries to harness the power of science to find Alexander Hamilton's hidden treasure, it becomes evident something sinister is going on.

When someone inside ABC, a mysterious informant known only as "Strep Throat," brings word to the slighted students that a treasure hunt is on, the students hungrily join the search.  What transpires will thrill, astound, and pose the question, "How far will Columbia students go for money?"  The answer?  Far.  As long as it's not off campus.

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Creative Team

Directed by Mark Junek

Produced by Olivia Gorvy and Geoffrey Karapetyan

Written by Tom Keenan, Peter Mende-Siedlecki, and Rob Trump

Music & Lyrics by Henry Pedersen

Choreography by Erin Debold

Art Direction by Brigid Abraham




Becky Abrams

Thomas Anawalt

Josh Breslow

Caitlin Harrity

Jordy Lievers

Michael Molina

Mark Rosenthal

Caitlin Shure



Emily Bickford

Gilli Messer

Eva Peskin

Ross Ramone

Michael Snyder

Benjamin Velez