V116: College Walk of Shame (2010)


Life at Columbia can be stressful when dealing with the Lerner Piano, COÖP rituals, and Public Safety, which is why students always make Thursday a night they'll never forget (at least until the morning). With only two months till graduation, Travis has checked everything off from his college bucket list except one thing...his virginity. But when he meets charismatic Barnard junior Emma, sex might come second to a chance at a real relationship.

Across Broadway, Barnard Dean Dorothy Denburg conspires to make sure her students act like the Disney princesses of her dreams with a new community plan.

Throw into the mix a Medieval Studies major trying to fit in, a Barnard freshman in need of friends, and a CC teacher who's too cool to leave school, and Columbians will always risk a bad decision, even if they regret it in their morning walk of shame. 

“Sun’s out, it’s the first day of Spring.”

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Creative Team

Directed by Ameneh Bordi

Produced by Cody Haefner and Ajit Pillai

Written by Peter Labuza and Patrick McGuire

Music and Lyrics by Evan Johnston and Matt Star

Choreography by Meredith Kirk

Art Direction by Cayle Pietras 



Patrick Blute

Emily Feinstein

Yonatan Gebeyehu

John Goodwin

Alex Hare

Hannah Kloepfer

Hillary Kritt

Spencer Oberman

David Offit

Benjamin Russell

Tessa Slovis

Jenny Vallancourt