V118: The Corporate Core (2012)


For Phineas—student tour guide, Classics major, and self-described "Renaissance Man"—there's no place like Columbia, and no curriculum like the Core. All of that is about to change, however, when Niamh O'Brien, the business-minded director of the Center for Career Education, gets an unexpected promotion, placing her in charge of bringing Columbia's outdated curriculum into the corporate age.

Soon Phin and his best friend, Lexi (whose obsession with tabloids - and a certain suave Economics professor - knows no bounds), find themselves immersed in a new Core...one that favors sharks like Derek, whose father may or may not have donated a well-known building on campus.And as much as a certain girl from across the street, Claire, might advise that Phineas "adapt to survive," he starts to seem more and more like a Famiglia pizza, and less like Koronet. (Hint: that's not good.)

Can Phineas save the liberal arts as he once knew them? Or is Columbia destined to forever become a factory for i-bankers and consultants? Join him on a journey through College Walk, Dodge Gym, Bwog's comment section, and the Butler Stacks!

And who knows - you may just get to meet everyone's favorite teeny Deany.

“My Econ professor - Sunil Gulati - oh my god he’s such a nugget. I call him the Gu-latté because he’s smooth, dark, and keeps me up all night...”
“The one percent is the fun percent.”

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Creative Team

Directed by Alex Hare

Produced by Ben Harris and Hillary Kritt

Written by John Goodwin and Jeff Stern

Music and Lyrics by Tareq Abuissa and Solomon Hoffman

Choreographed by Adrianna Aguilar

Art Direction by Stephen Davan




Eleanor Bray

Rebekah Lowin

Alessio Mineo

Jenny Singer

Sean Walsh



Patrick Aloia

Allie Carieri

Geoff Hahn

Gray Henry

Devin Lloyd

Kaylin Mahoney