V119: The Great Netscape (2013)


These days, Columbia students seem to spend all their time behind a digital screen of some kind--and computer engineer Kat wouldn’t have it any other way. So when a freak super-storm brings down internet and phone service indefinitely across the Upper West Side, Kat doesn’t know how to communicate and is left feeling like a little fish in a big SEAS.

Meanwhile, Kat's nefarious RA, Vivica vies to be granted Broadway's sky-lounge (it's a walk-through single). Along with her rider, Dylan, V wants to stop the internet from returning forever so that her residents can never go on Facebook again and have to start coming to her (totally exciting) floor events. But with the encouragement of her strong, beautiful Barnard friend Millie, and her crush, cross-country boy-band-singer, Julian, Kat pursues PrezBo’s Days on Campus weather machine so she can bring back the internet with another storm, going on a journey that takes her to every corner of Columbia’s bureaucracy, even the elusive Health Services Office in Wien.

“Hey idiot! I want to kiss your face!”
“I’ve been working at Barnard since 1992 and I still can’t find the men’s bathroom.”
“Love is an email, love is a text / Love is free Wi-Fi that no one protects”

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Orchestrated and conducted by Solomon Hoffman

Creative Team

Directed by Chris Silverberg

Produced by Ally Engelberg and Laura Quintela

Written by Eric Donahue and Isabel Lopez

Music by Max Druz

Lyrics by Nick Parker

Choreographed by Gina Marie Borden

Art Direction by Jiin Choi




Rebecca Farley

Ethan Fudge

Olivia Harris

Molly Heller

Jonah Weinstein 



Scott Bacon

Ankeet Ball

Jessica Chi

Fernanda Douglas

John Fisher

Skylar Gottlieb

Cole Hickman

John Kenney

Paulina Pinsky