V120: Morningside Nights (2014)


With only forty more days left before graduation, social butterfly Lucy Shaw is ready to leave Barnard and Columbia, confident her four years were memorable — until she is passed over for a Senior Wisdom. Determined to leave a lasting mark at Columbia, Lucy sets out to give Columbians an experience they'll always remember. Along the way, she enlists the help of her best friend Evan, whose dreams of law school have kept him tucked away in Butler for four years.

Meanwhile, President Bollinger's nephew Alistair cares less about student happiness and more about impressing his Uncle PrezBo by forcing proper Ivy League dignity upon Columbia's unruly ranks. With the help of Chip, his doting protege, Alistair concocts a diabolical plan to pose as PrezBo and institute a curfew at Columbia, keeping all students — and their rowdy shenanigans — locked inside after dark.

Now time is running out as Lucy rushes to make her mark, get a Senior Wisdom, and foil Alistair's plans. But will she succeed? Will Lucy and Evan's friendship develop into something more? Will Alistair finally make his UncBo proud? All these and more are answered in a Morningside Night that no one can forget.

“$3,000? That’s triple the Barnard endowment!”
“I can’t even. Do you hear me? I have lost the ability to even!”
“That’s all for tonight’s broadcast of Appalachian Snake Jazz. Join us next week for our special amphibious guest, Frog Coltrane. For WKCR, I’m your host, Lizard Gillespie.”
“Years to come do what they may / You’re always gonna hear me say / O light blue”

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Orchestrated and conducted by Solomon Hoffman

Creative Team

Directed by Emily Feinstein

Produced by Allie Carieri, Ally Engelberg and Renée Kraiem

Written by Rae Binstock and Eric Donahue

Music by Solomon Hoffman

Lyrics by Nick Parker

Choreographed by Lauren Wingenroth

Art Direction by Jiin Choi



Sam Balzac

Ellie Beckman

Brittany Beljak

Lacey Bookspan

Michael Carter

Alex Donnelly

Lindsay Garber

Emma Grueskin

Kyle Marshall

Brittany Searles

Matt Soto

Sean Walsh