V121: Almageddon (2015)


When resident-adviser Gwen Ross returns from studying abroad, she is startled to find her alma mater in the midst of a literal hell-scape. To make matters worse, the newly promoted Executive Vice President for University Life, Suzanne Goldberg, is launching a re-branding campaign, which instantly transfers out dissatisfied students and replaces them with happy ones. 

Determined to stop Goldberg and fix her beloved community, Gwen convinces her classmates to form an activist group. She enlists the help of her trusted boss, Director of Residential Life, Scott Helfrich; however, a fling with a student-anarchist named Arrow threatens the unity of Gwen's coalition. With secrets all around her, Gwen will need more than optimism and bake sales to bring peace to Columbia.

Can the students really take on the administration? Will the merciless bureaucracy wear Gwen down, too? Only one thing is for sure: nothing is better than it seems...

“You’re listening to WBAR—the only radio station with more DJs than listeners!”
“Bernheim and Schwartz! Or, as I like to call it, the German-Jewish version of Chili’s.”
“I have no idea what you just said, but here! Take some free condoms.”
“There’s more than what you see/Columbia is more than a degree/It’s you and me.”

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Creative Team

Directed by Molly Heller

Produced by Nikita Ash and Emily Snedeker

Written by Ally Horn and Bijan Samareh

Music and Lyrics by Sam Balzac and Fernanda Douglas

Choreographed by Chloé Durkin

Art Direction by Isabella Rosner



Gabrielle Bullard

Isaac Calvin

April Cho

Jahbril Cook

Skylar Gottlieb

Cole Hickman

Varun Kumar

Sophie Laruelle

Megan Litt

Michael MacKay

Alina Sodano

Asher Varon