V122: A King's College (2016)


First generation student Jenny Park never truly felt like she belonged at Columbia. With all the historically “great” people who went here, who wouldn’t feel insecure?  So when the administration discovers that some students were admitted by mistake, she’s not the only one to get a bad case of impostor syndrome.  Soon the whole school is turned upside down as a frazzled administration and an increasingly insecure student body turn to the past for the solution to their problems, putting their trust in Columbia’s legendary founder, King George II, who returns to expel the falsely admitted students and “Make Columbia Great Again.” With a witchhunt brewing, no one is safe-- especially if you’re in Notes and Keys.  

Desperate to keep her spot at CU (and fulfill her work study requirement), Jenny joins the King’s ranks and helps the administration arrest suspicious students.  That is, until she meets (and falls for) Barnard trouble-maker/ukulele player Rose Greenberg, the leader of the resistance against the King’s oppressive regime.

In a school literally haunted by the legacies of dead white men, will Jenny learn to stand up for her right to exist at Columbia? Or will she succumb to the cut-throat campus culture? And is that cute green-haired girl gay or just messing with us? Watch if you dare, but just beware: the past is never done with you.

“Ruthlessly backstabbing your one true friend for a shot at success... You really are a true Columbia student.”
“In my day, we didn’t have trigger warnings. You just got shot!”
“There’s a dead white man inside us all.”
“The purpose of The Core is to prepare you for life as a 1940s socialite! Nothing more!”

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Creative Team

Directed by Jonah Weinstein

Produced by Michaela Schwartz

Written by Anika Benkov and Michael Rodriguez

Music and Lyrics by Jake Chapman and Sofia Geck

Choreographed by Romi Messer

Art Direction by Isabel Nelson



Xander Browne

April Cho

John Fisher

Rachel Greenfeld

Jet Harper

Jacob Iglitzin

Chelsea Jean-Michel

Shreyas Manohar

Charles Sanky

Emma Smith

Henrietta Steventon

Talmage Wise