V124: Lights Out on Broadway! (2018)


Election season! Chelsea Shaw is confident that nothing could possibly prevent her from taking a seat on CCSC. But when a shocking loss to the legacy-crazed William Schermerhorn VIII (Yes, Schermerhorn like the building) catches her off guard, she starts to wonder what her time at Columbia was even worth.

Meanwhile, under the reign of William, any sense of fiscal responsibility has flown out the window. After making outrageous promises to the student body, William backs himself into a corner and has to turn to the family vault to move things around.

William’s dangerous case of promises ultimately leads to a disastrous loss of power (literally, the power goes out), and it’s up to Chelsea to save the day. But can she put her disappointment behind her, reunite with friends who she rashly rejected, and recall the skills she’s learned in her time at Columbia to make things right again for the student body?

“I’ve gotta know if they want the Kingsmen to go back to red blazers, or if they want them to keep the blue. I need to take a stance.”
“A homeless woman asked him for change outside Hungarian on his way back home to Enclave, and he told her that if she wanted coins so badly, she should just buy a pastry so they’d break her bill at the register! He literally told her to eat cake!”
“That is definitely your jacket... I saw you take it off when 24K Magic came on and you screamed that it was “your song” and then double-fisted jello shots.”
“Now you can Facebook-stalk your best friend Deantini in the privacy of a single.”

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Creative Team

Directed by Hazel Rosenblum-Sellers

Produced by Emeline Bookspan and Alana Herrnson

Written by Hayley Tillett

Music and Lyrics by Simon Broucke

Choreographed by Christine Sedlack

Design Leadership by Yilun Ying

Stage Management by Julia Zeh



Jack Becker

Dylan Dameron

Rachel Greenfeld

Sophia Houdaigui

Genevieve Joers

Matt Malone

Joel Meyers

Duda Penteado

Kayla Streiber

Maura Ward

Talmage Wise

Ilana Woldenberg

Ethan Woo