V123: A Tale of Two Colleges (2017)


With graduation looming, Columbia College senior Liv has one huge regret: that she didn’t attend Barnard. Her best friend, Zoe, president of SGA, entertains Liv’s dream of being a “Barnard bear,” but no matter how many Midnight Breakfasts she attended, no matter how few people listen to her WBAR show, she never felt she truly belonged. 

Meanwhile, as Debora Spar prepares to leave for Lincoln Center, she realizes building the new library has dried Barnard completely of its funds. A horrifying ultimatum arises: President Spar must either close the school or sell it to Columbia. 

Spar decides to sell the school in the hope that Barnard can recover one day. She stays on to help Interim President Robert Goldberg with the transition, but it proves to be more of a curse than a blessing. Barnard students, including Zoe, now stripped of her position, are furious. However, Liv is ecstatic—finally, she can be a Barnard student. This causes a rift between Zoe and Liv, and their friendship is on the line.

Liv, Zoe, and internship-crazed CC class rep Gavin butt heads, all the while trying to save Barnard and reverse the merger. But can they do it?

“Please, don’t interrupt me. I’m trying to speak on your behalf.”
“They’re combining Bacchanal and WBAR-B-Q and calling it WBAR-cchanal. Who came up with that?”
“Don’t worry, Deb. I know they say I don’t have enough ‘academic experience,’ but I went to Catholic school, so I think I know how nunneries work.”
“I can’t believe I’m agreeing with the CU wrestling team on anything, but... fuck! I should went state school!”

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Creative Team

Directed by Kyle Marshall

Produced by Alana Koenig and Rachel Andres

Written by Amelia Arnold and Mark Lerner

Music and Lyrics by Max Gumbel and Simon Broucke

Choreographed by Annie Block

Design Leadership by Oliver Konkel

Stage Management by Jacqueline Napolitano



Francisco Alvidrez

India Beer

Bernadette Bridges

Julia Dooley

Harrison Gale

Rachel Greenfeld

Jacob Kaplan

Joel-Isaac Musoki

Gus O'Connor

Jamie Gore Pawlik

Tom Phelan

Lauren Wilmore