V125: It’s a Wonderful Strife (2019)


Election season! Chelsea Shaw is confident that nothing could possibly prevent her from taking a seat on CCSC. But when a shocking loss to the legacy-crazed William Schermerhorn VIII (Yes, Schermerhorn like the building) catches her off guard, she starts to wonder what her time at Columbia was even worth.

“Please, don’t interrupt me. I’m trying to speak on your behalf.”
“They’re combining Bacchanal and WBAR-B-Q and calling it WBAR-cchanal. Who came up with that?”
“Don’t worry, Deb. I know they say I don’t have enough ‘academic experience,’ but I went to Catholic school, so I think I know how nunneries work.”
“I can’t believe I’m agreeing with the CU wrestling team on anything, but... fuck! I should went state school!”

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Creative Team

Directed by Bernadette Bridges

Produced by Samantha Grubner and Sila Puhl

Written by Jake Arlow and Jacob Kaplan

Music by Brent Morden and Yael Cohen

Lyrics by Brent Morden, Yael Cohen and Jacob Kaplan

Choreographed by Andrea Patella

Design Leadership by Lena Kogan

Stage Management by Sarah Leidich



Thomas Baker

Estee Dechtman

Nicolas Duran

Adam Glusker

Rachel Greenfeld

Talia Hankin

Dale Jackson

Callum Kiser

Venice Ohleyer

Christian Palomares

Harris Solomon

Lorenzo Talbot-Foote

Ilana Woldenberg